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Bad yarn stores

So, on the flip side, what can make a yarn store a BAD yarn store. One you dread going to?

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Anonymous Joshua Sasmor said...

Having spent insufficient amounts of time in yarn stores, let me tell you about the bad stores I have been in. Again these are niche stores (pens, teas, and tobacco) like yarn stores (as opposed to general “craft” stores), so the principles may be similar.

A store where the employees are trying to spend as much time talking with each other and as little time assisting the customers as possible will lose my business immediately. There is a corollary to this: they know that an educated consumer will want to examine the entire box of stuff to find the exact piece they are looking for, and they may not want to spend a lot of time on that; an uneducated customer will be satisfied with the first thing you hand them.

If I can’t try it, I won’t buy it. Let me touch it and examine it in as many ways as I see fit, knowing that if I mark it up, or damage it, I bought it. I get it – I’ll be nice to your stuff until it’s my stuff. But if I can’t smell it (tobacco), taste it (tea), or test-write it (pens), you don’t get my purchase.

If I know you have a large number of customers, I’ll be happy to linger and wait until you are less hassled to ask you a question with a complicated answer. But if I’m the only one in the shop, I expect you to answer me with more than a “how should I know that” stare. If your answer is curt, as if I’m not worth your effort, then you probably aren’t worth my effort.

Last, but by no means least, is that the store follows through on its ordering promises. There is one store downtown I simply cannot go into anymore – I am repeatedly disappointed in the fact that they stopped stocking my favorite items even after repeatedly telling me that a special order (with my name on it) was sent to the boss. I offered to buy an entire case of a product, and two months later, there had been no action.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s what I thought of as soon as I heard “bad store”.

8:15 PM  
Anonymous DraftWitch said...

I second what Joshua said....

6:32 PM  
Blogger Zeeppo said...

Having a large Dog that is too freindly. I had this happen.

1:30 AM  
Anonymous Sonja said...

Stores that are not inviting to new customers lose my business. There's nothing worse for me, than stepping into a store and feeling as if my presence had a profound change in the atmosphere.

It is also an annoyance to have to deal with a yarn-snob. "We don't carry cheap yarn." As a novice knitter, it's cost effective to learn on less expensive materials and experience not only improves the quality of the knitting, but also expands the types of product that a customer may be interested in.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stores with owners that "hover". My husb. and I were in a yarn store where the owner followed us from display to display, rearranging everything we had touched (and it wasn't like we were throwing yarn willy nilly all around the place). She also had a piss-poor attitude when I asked her a question about sock knitting (I was working on my very first pair and shopping for my first ball of "real" sock yarn). I won't ever, ever go back to that store again. Another thing that is annoying, and I have heard this from more than one person about a certain store in the North Hills that shall remain nameless, is nothing is marked. NOTHING. I have to ask for prices on everything, from stitch markers to needles to EVERY FREAKING BALL OF YARN. If the shop is busy, I might have to wait 1/2 hr to find out how much a ball of yarn that I really want to knit a sweater out of is going to cost...and I don't always have the patience for that...because after I've waited the 1/2 hour to find out the cost, then I have to fight my way back through the furniture/class/other people to get back to the yarn, and then wait another 1/2 hr or so to actually BUY the yarn. Finally...have some room -- to knit, or sit and look at the books -- hell, to WALK! It is the most annoying thing about Bonnie's (besides the attitudes of the staff). I can overlook the cluttered state of yarn if I can maneuver around the store, or can sit and look through the pattern books, or just pull out my WIP and knit a row while I wait for my friends...but I cannot abide by every nook and cranny crammed full of something, and then the only table in the place being covered by pretzels, shop employee's lunches, and the chair(s) for sitting being full of books or yarn that haven't been put away yet.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad Stores:

Stores that have articles on display, but no patterns for them.

5:17 PM  

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