Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Still Alive

Yes, I am still alive.

All the cats are doing great.

Buddy has become very snuggly in the evening.

Brigid is still very skittish, but she sleeps at the end of the bed in a kitty bed pretty much every night.

Raven, ah Raven. He's gotten HUGE. He's not even a year old and I think he's nearly 15 lbs! And no, it's not really fat. He's just big.

He's also being Clicker Trained and loves it when we work together.

Sorry for the crummy pictures. I quickly snapped them minutes ago just for fun.

On the knitting front I recently finished a red short sleeved sweater, perhaps I should wear it tomorrow.

Oh yeah, In September I started Medifast. So far I've lost 75 lbs! Yeay!

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Anonymous Holli said...

Congratulations on the 75 pounds!!! I'm down to 20 now. :-)


8:53 AM  

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