Saturday, April 07, 2007

On the pet front

Reading one of my favorite blogs, My Life is a Zoo, I came across this listing of pet food companies who are NOT involved in the various recalls.

To all my readers who have pets, do take the time to look at this list very carefully. And check it regularly. Seems there are more and more foods and treats being recalled.

If you have a pet that might have gotten sick because of this, please go to Pet Connection and report it. Also to the FDA. We MUST let folks know how bad it is and how important our companion animals are!!!

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Still Alive

Yeah, I'm still alive. Sorry I haven't posted but writing isn't easy for me.

The kitties are all doing well. Raven is getting bigger, Brigid is still very shy, and Buddy has taken a liking to sleeping in my lap when I knit. Raven is also learning to be a clicker trained kitty. He can do several tricks and he's only ~10 months old!

Tonight (Well, Saturday) Was my SO's birthday so I invited two good friend over and we had fondue. Both a lovely cheese fondue and a broth one. Lots of goodies to dip, and all were stuffed.

Knitting wise, I'm working on a sweater for the cruise I'm going on on the 23rd. A healing shawl for a friend, the ever going socks, and way more other projects that I can't keep track of! And I'm keeping Pittsburgh Knitting up to date as well.

I'm also doing a lovely pearl spiral rope necklace to go with the little black dress I bought for the cruise. It's lovely.

Ah yes, last but not least, Pittsburgh Knitting has a new logo. And there is even merchandise you can get if you want. Proceeds go to the designer of the logo, my SO, who will be losing his current job end of April. So please support a starving artist.. uhm... programmer... uhm... guy I really like. (Yeah, that's it.)

Take care all.

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