Saturday, February 18, 2006

Yummy Surprise!

I got another package from my Secret Pal today and it was filled with goodies!

I remembered to take pictures too!

Here's the package before opening it.

After opening it.

Look at all these goodies!

There are two skeins of alpaca, two of a neat ribbon yarn, and lots of pampering lotions and such. In the small box are seeds for Bachelor Buttons.

And Buddy was my helper so I let him play in the wrapping.

Thank you Secret Pal!!!

I'm alive.... sorta

Seems I caught either a sinus or ear infection during a recent trip. So I'm dealing with headaches and mild dizziness. Whee.... Yes, I'm on antibiotics.

My lovely Secret Pal send me two skeins of Knit Picks' dyeable yarn: Color Your Own so I can make socks! Though with 880 yards I may go for a shawl! But first I gotta find time to dye it. :-)

Domino is still hanging in there. She wasn't doing well when I first got home from my trip, but now she seems better than she was when I left. For a cat who was given 2 months back in October.....
Selina is still deaf, and mooching snuggles anytime she can. Though she's stopped sleeping in the bed with me. *sniff*
Buddy, he's still a totally nuisance. And I love him dearly.

How's that for an update folks?

Oh yeah, the SO is doing well save for an infected cyst on the back that had to be drained three times now. Yuck.

Have a good weekend everyone!