Thursday, June 30, 2005

On the Fiber and Bead front:

I'm buying a new house!!! Yahoo! They have accepted my offer, it is under contract and we close on July 29th!

In preparation for the move I've been sorting through all my yarns and beads. I have WAY to much of both. But never the right stuff for what I want to do now. Ah well.

Wednesday was spent knitting. First at Barnes & Noble at the Wednesday Afternoon knitting. Then off to Denny's for the Occasional Fifth Wednesday(or Monday) Knitting.

Tonight was Beading at Crystal Bead Bazaar. It was a small, quiet group and we had a lot of fun. Joanne has brought in WAY to many pretty new #8's!

There is so much to do in preparation for the move and all I want to do is knit or bead.

Saturday, June 25, 2005


In February I bought some Unscented Bounce dryer sheets that even after being open for a week still had an obvious scent to them. I complained via Planet Feedback and got a pleasant surprise in the mail – a coupon for a free box.
A couple days ago I bought another box, and again it's scented. It's definitely a strong enough scent that I don't think it just picked it up from the other boxes. I also don't really want to complain again since I worry they will think all I want is free product.
Any thoughts on what I should do?

On the Weaving Front:

It's been way too long since I've updated this blog. Life's been kinda funny since Persephone left.
Today I finally finished setting up my loom and I'm about to start weaving a scarf made from a hand painted tencel warp from Heritage Yarns. This first one is in the Rainbow Iridescence colorway, and I'm weaving with Amethyst.
I'll try and get pictures once it's really underway. I have to rip what I've done as I'm not happy with it. Live and learn. It's going to be a sensuous delight.

Friday, June 10, 2005

On the Cat Front:

Tuesday was one of the saddest days in my life. Early in the morning it became very evident that Persephone was in a great deal of distress. She wasn't able to stay standing and after giving her a bath with no reaction on her part, I took her to the vet.
Northern Pike Vet in Monroeville PA are the greatest. One of the vets was even crying along with me.
Persephone is now comfortable and no longer in distress, and I miss her a great deal. I have ~16 years of wonderful memories and pictures. But I definitely will miss the furry body and the cheerful “cheep” she had instead of a meow.
To all those who have pets, give them a hug from me.


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

On the Cat Front:

Well, seems my dear Persephone may not be with me much longer. Yesterday we noticed her having trouble walking and moving her rear end.
Today at the vets we determined that either she had a stroke or the likely Lymphoma was pressing on her spinal column.
The fact that she is also exhibiting signs of being blind, make me really suspect a stroke.
For now we are watching her and giving her time to either heal, or not. In 10-14 days I'll likely have to make an unhappy decision.

Damn it's hard when you've had them for 16 years!!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

On the Knitting Front

Well, I've gone and started three new projects.
I'm still letting my hands recover before delving into the DP sweater again. *SIGH*

I found a neat knit along for a Mystery Stole at:

I've updated my webpage with a new page just for this stole. So far so good.

Second project was going to be a 3-to-2 Any Gauge Sweater from Heartstrings, but the yarn I got isn't behaving at all. So I'm going to return it and start this sweater again with something else.

Lastly, I joined the Six Sox Knit Along and I'm working on a pair for CIC out of some vintage wool from my stash. Once I get them really going, I'll post pictures.