Thursday, May 26, 2005

On the Random front

I have been very remiss about posting, sorry folks.
I've been house hunting and it's taking a lot of my time.
I've also had to stop working on my Pseudo Diamond Patch as the cotton was hurting my wrists. *sigh* I'd thought it was an ok cotton. I'll be back on it after I let the wrists rest awhile.
All the cats are still purring, though Persephone now gets to go in for steroid shots. Good thing she isn’t an athlete!
We are off to Marcon tomorrow! So stop and say hi if you meet up with me.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

On the Cat Front:

Just as I was lamenting not getting a picture of Domino, in she walked and laid down right on Robin's computer case.
These pictures were all taken in a 10-15 minute time period. Honest!
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On the Cat Front:

Persephone then wandered in and sat on the case, got this one just as she moved away.
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On the Cat Front:

Buddy in his usual spot. When he's not right in your face, that is. Posted by Hello

On the Cat Front:

Selina sitting on the chair. She likes to be near people. Often she will sleep on her 2/3's of your pillow, not allowing you to turn over. And at 13+ pounds, you aren't moving her unless she wants to move!
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Thursday, May 05, 2005

On the Dining front:

Today we went to Abay. This is a marvelous Ethiopian restaurant here in Pittsburgh. Yeah, Pittsburgh actually has an Ethiopian restaurant! People always ask me “So what does Ethiopian food taste like?” All I can say is, unique and wonderful.
The food is similar to Greek/Indian/Middle Eastern, yet it is different from all of those. You start out by ordering, we always get a sampler platter for two (or in tonight's case, three). It comes on a round pan on top of an injera. Injera is a type of bread that is similar to a crepe. Think sourdough crepe/pancake and you are very close. You then use pieces of another injera to select bites to eat and enjoy. It's a very hands-on experience. After you run out of injera, you use the main 'plate' injera and enjoy the pieces that have soaked up all the wonderful juices from the various dishes.
If you enjoy good, ethnic foods, you should definitely try Ethiopian, especially Abay!