Sunday, April 24, 2005

On the Dining front:

Tonight Robin and I stopped at a new restaurant here in Swissvale, Ukiah. This small restaurant & bar is definitely worth a stop. The Chef has a unique attitude and the menu shows it.
Definitely ask for the condiments tray! This features several of the homemade catsups, mayos and mustards that the chef creates and changes daily. My favorite was an apple horseradish and Robin's was an asian mayo. Also high on our list was a cumin chipotle catsup. These found their way onto the lovely hand-cut fries, Robin's Ukiah sandwich and my Beef Chimichanga. We started off our meal with their decadent mini-garlic rolls. Deep fried bread that was covered in parmesan cheese, had a vinegrette on top and a tomato based dipping sauce that I've forgotten the spicings of.
All in all an amusement park for the taste buds!
They have a long list of yummy salads, sandwiches, pizza and the usual bar appetizers. The smoke level was ok, the music a bit too loud. Our waitress, Tiffany, was a sweetheart and kept our drinks topped off.
You can find this lovely neighborhood place at: Ukiah, 1814 South Braddock Avenue, Swissvale.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

On the Cat Front:

Today was lots of fun, two trips to the vet.

Persephone definitely has an UTI. So I get to give her pills. Now the vet wasn't able to give her pills, even with a pill gun, HOW am I supposed to???? Any hints would be gladly tried.

Domino lies about her age (17), or so says the vet, he'd say she was 10 or so based on her teeth and general health. She's doing well and I should stop worrying about the little wart-like growths she has. Ah well.

Here's a picture of Buddy in one of his favorite places, Robin's laptop case. The brown thing to the left is a Super catnip cigar that all the kids love to play with.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

On the Beading front:

It's finished! I've been working on and off on this lovely necklace. I kept it at CBB for those times when I forgot to bring a project. :-)
It is a variation of a Coraling technique that I learned from Varvara's first book.
The main beads are a lovely transparent teal. I used a matte AB lime green for accents. Every other branch has a different accent bead alternating between a lime lined clear and a lime lined teal. I think it will match the sweater I'm working on pretty nicely, we'll see!
I think it took, all together, about 20 hours to make. Maybe only 15? I didn't really keep track.
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Monday, April 18, 2005

On the Cat Front:

And last, but definitely not least, here is Persephone. If you check out my webpage, you might be able to see how much weight she's lost. This is due to old age and Kidney disease. *sigh* I hate seeing her basically waste away, but they don't do kitty kidney transplants....
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On the Blogging front:

As you'll find soon enough, I figured out how to post pictures. :-) We'll see how often I do them. They do brighten up the old blog, don't they?

On the Cat Front:

Here's a picture of Miss Selina. Unfortunately the flash was just too bright and she's quite washed out. Ah well, she's still in one of her favorite positions: Asleep on a Dining room chair. Posted by Hello

On the Knitting Front

Here's a picture of the "Pseudo" Diamond Patch sweater I've been working on. The colors are a LOT brighter in real life. The green is a chartreuse color, the blue almost a teal. I think it's working up beautifully.
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Sunday, April 17, 2005

On the Cat Front:

Here'e Mr. Bud trying to be cute. I think he succeeds. Posted by Hello
He is very difficult to get a good photo of as he likes to hide.

On the beading front:

I finally finished this glorious piece. Posted by Hello
I had gotten everything done except the ties and got blocked as to how "best" to do them.
I've been wearing it a lot lately, it's fun to wear!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

On the beading front:

Been working on this cute little bottle. It started life out as a vial holding a cat vaccine. It now has some pretty lavender and navy beads on it. I really need to get my camera down to the computer I usually blog from. Don't I?

Tomorrow is OCBPA.

On the Cat Front:

Selina is home again. I got to bring her home Friday night. She's on antibiotics and is still sore in places, but other than some shaved places (which seem to itch a lot), she's her normal grumpy self. Yeay!

Persephone is still on an antidiarrhea medicine which is absolutely no fun to give. Apparently it tastes so awful that she foams at the mouth! It's been ground up and put in a really stinky food paste. Ah well, only a few more days I hope.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

On the Knitting Front:

Today was a long knitting day! First was the normal Wednesday afternoon knitting. We had new folks, old folks, and a great time!

After that a few of us headed to Bonnie's to check out her moving sale, again. I managed to escape unscathed.

Then there was the first Wednesday of the month knitting at Borders which also had a lot of people attend. I got to spend much of my time helping folks and answering questions.

I did get a lot knitted on my MDP (Modified Diamond Patch) sweater. I think I'll have time tomorrow to actually take a picture to show how it is going.

On the cat front:

Selina gets to stay at the vets a few more days. She is doing well, but her poor old kidneys aren't handleing the anethesia very well. I'm going to go vist her tomorrow when I pick up more medicine for Persephone.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

On the Knitting Front:

After dealing with the cat situation (and before knowing how Selina did with the surgery), I ended up wandering into Bonnie Knits. I was scared, depressed, and in a yarn store. >-)

Bonnie's is moving soon, so they have quite a few things on sale. And buy them I did.

I found some lovely Galway in a nice green – that'll end up felted in something....probably a bed for the cats.

I found some wonderful black lace weight wool. Who knows where that will go. Shawl? Weaving project? Who knows.

I also found some Mikado ribbon. I'd made a wonderful shell last year out of this that I wear a lot in the summer, this will also be a summer sweater.

Lastly, I bought a new yarn that wasn't on sale called Jamaica from Katia. It has a lovely non-repeating soft variegation throughout in yummy pastels. That's already started as a modified Diamond Patch from Just One More Row. How so modified? If you look at my web page, you'll see I did one a long time ago. Seems I am to impatient to go searching for the pattern so I am making it up as I go. :-)

Once I figure out how to easily post pictures, I may do that sometime.

On the cat front:

All this weekend, Selina was moping and barely moving. When she did move, she seemed to favor her hind right leg. She also didn't want me poking or prodding to determine what was going on. So Monday I make a vet appointment for Thursday.

Monday night she's acting much more like her normal self and between Robin (my SO) and myself, I was finally able to do the visual inspection that I wanted to do.

Oh brother! She'd had an anal gland rupture/abscess. This is not a fun thing, and it really needs immediate attention. So after weaving class we go trucking to the vet's.

Indeed, she needed immediate surgery as the gland was still blocked.

Now, a bit of history. Selina is nearly 18 years old. She has a heart murmur leftover from when she was a hyperthyroid cat. She was also recently diagnosed with two cavities. We didn't want to pull those teeth because of the risk of anesthesia. But now she HAD to go under. Might as well pull those buggers while they're at it.

My usual vet wasn't available but Dr. Martin of Northern Pike Veterinary Clinic made me feel comfortable and assured me that if she felt there was too much risk, she wouldn't pull the teeth.

At 5:30 I got a call saying Selina pretty much sailed through the operation, the teeth were gone and all other things addressed. *WHEW* I get to pick her up tomorrow is she's back on her feet and not in too much pain.

Now if only Persephone would get better.....

(BTW, you can find 5 year old pictures of all my cats on my web page.)

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Starting Over

I'm going to try and resurrect this blog.
One the knitting front: Been working on a lot lately. Also working on a pair of socks from Lorna's Laces sock yarn using the Cascading Leaves pattern.
On the cat front: Selina seems to be favoring her right hind leg. Going to take her to the vet ASAP. Persephone's kidney disease has reared it's ugly head after being mostly dormant since late 2002. Domino is doing great and Buddy is a nuisance.
On the beading front: My newest passion. This weekend I took a wonderful class at Crystal Bead Bazaar on looming and had a blast. Some day I’ll post a picture.
On the restaurant front: This is a new 'feature' of my blog. I'll talk about interesting (or not so interesting) places we go to eat. Since my SO andI tend to eat out a lot, this should be quite active.
Tonight we went to a new place, Cici’s Pizza out in Monroeville, PA. This is an all-you-can-eat pizza/pasta/salad buffet for $3.99. We got there an hour before closing. Not expecting too much, we were both pleasantly surprised by how good things were. The folks working there seemed to be having a great time and the pizza was pretty tasty! They also have some very decadent garlic bread and cinnamon rolls. Yum. We’re definitely going back some time.